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Andrew Critchell of in the cockpit of Hawker Hurricane MkI R4118 at White Waltham

Welcome to!

I'm Andrew Critchell and I've been pointing cameras at planes since 1984!


My passion is the great piston engine warbirds from World War Two, a focus honed by many visits to Great Warbirds Air Displays, Fighter Meets and International Air Fairs when I was growing up. I would avidly read the Airshow magazine each year published by Key and dream of taking pictures as good as Duncan Cubitt and Steve Fletcher, and maybe one day getting one of my own photographs in there! (This did happen in the 2003 edition!)


A sample of an article on the Brooklands Museum's Hawker Hurricane MkIIa Z2389 published in Flypast magazine

Published works

My first published photograph, an image of the remains of Hawker Hurricane MkI V7350 at the Brenzett Aeronautical Museum in Kent, was in a Battle of Britain Special in 2000, and my first article, on the museum itself, appeared in Flypast shortly after. Since then I have been lucky enough to have photographs and articles published in both UK and International magazines including Aeroplane, Aircraft Illustrated, Flypast, Pilot Magazine, Klassiker der Luftfarht and Spotter Magazine.

My articles are based primarily on aircraft restorations, operators and Second World War history and I always look at add original research to my historical pieces, for example, being able to prove the squadron code letter VY-L for the Cambridge Bomber and Fighter Society's Hurricane MkI L1639 restoration.

A Tale of Ten Spitfires by Andrew Critchell

One of my biggest achievements so far has been turning my article writing into a book, A Tale of Ten Spitfires being published by Pen & Sword in 2018. It tells the combat history of Supermarine Spitfire Vc AR501, currently owned by the Shuttleworth Collection and regularly displayed at their many airshows throughout the year, and the next 9 Spitfires on the production line, AR502 to AR510. It is as much a story of the RAF's battles with the Fw190 and the intense aerial activity over northern Europe in 1942/43 when the MkV was prevalent in Fighter Command, although AR510 made it all the way to Australia before being lost to engine failure during a scramble.

The book sold very well and is still available at:

If you're not sure whether to buy please check out the great reviews on Amazon and Goodreads!

Air to air photography

B-17G Fortress Sally-B G-BEDF
North American P-51D Mustang G-CMDK

The most challenging and rewarding type of aviation photography is air to air and this is an area I am keen to continue to develop and learn in. Highlights this year were planning, briefing and executing a sortie with the Rolls Royce Heritage Flight's P-51D Mustang out of Biggin Hill and joining the Centre of Aviation Photography (COAP) to photograph B17G Fortress 'Sally-B' on its way to North Weald from Duxford.

Supermarine Spitfire MKXIV MV293 MV298 G-SPIT

This shot, taken at the Duxford Fighter Night, won the 2021 Two Seat Spitfire Facebook Page photo competition.

I shoot on Nikon DSLRs and edit primarily in Adobe Lightroom CS.


Please feel free to check out my portfolio, read some of my articles, see examples of published works and browse my yearly galleries. 

Have a question? Please contact me and I will get back to asap.

I hope you enjoy all of my aviation and airshow photography on!

Thanks for visting and see you around!



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